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COVID-19 Media Library

Here is what your peers are sharing about coronavirus on Figure 1. 

This page will be continuously updated as more COVID-19 clinical cases are shared in the community. 
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Video shared by Steven Hutchins

Thanks to Steven Hutchins, a compounding pharmacy technician, for sharing this video on how to make a no-sew mask with easily found items in your home.

Video shared by Liz, RN

Liz, a registered nurse working in a burn unit in Maryland, U.S., describes how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting her and her patients.

Video shared by Dr. Matthew Markert

A helpful tip from Dr. Matthew Markert, an Epileptologist from Stanford, on how to stop touching your face and help reduce accidental transmission of #COVID-19. 

Sideshow shared by Bryan Johnson NRP, TP-C


Bryan Johnson provides an informative presentation on COVID-19 for EMS, including what the virus looks like clinically, the projected stages of illness, treatment, and assessing the risk of mortality. Plus, how to protect yourself.

Video shared by Johns Hopkins

Dr. Javad Azadi, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Radiology Department, reviews the literature on CT imaging in COVID-19 and explains the role of imaging in the diagnosis of the virus. 

Many thanks to Dr. Javad Azadi, Dr. Pamela Johnson, and Radiology RSNA for sharing these important findings. 

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