How I Knew I Had to Join Figure 1: Meet our New VP of Marketing

I join Figure 1 from Medscape, WebMD—the largest health information services company, where I recently concluded a rewarding 13-year journey building brand strategy, product positioning, and user experience. At Medscape I led a 15-person team responsible for user acquisition and retention, utilizing omni-channel marketing strategies to build awareness for and engagement of Medscape’s medical education products, valued at $50 million per quarter. I am proud of the impact that my team made: everyday, we provided much-needed education to help HCPs improve their practice. I am thrilled to bring that experience to Figure 1 and am eager to begin my new journey. Here’s why:

1. Figure 1 has a transformative product that is changing how HCPs communicate

I am drawn to the zeitgeist of Figure 1 and its vision of improving global healthcare by accelerating the proliferation of knowledge among the medical community. I am excited by the thought of shaping how HCP’s can participate in peer to peer education through this trusted, secure platform, thereby leveling the playing field for HCPs everywhere by breaking down geographical barriers and informational silos.

2. Figure 1 is addressing a global need

With the global population expected to grow 29% to 9.8 billion by 2050, HCPs are under pressure to attend to a growing number of patients every day, increasingly stretched on time and resources to provide adequate patient care. As we continue to scale Figure 1, I will have the tools to help HCPs get timely access to the best medical minds all over the world to discuss and solve patient cases of all kinds.

I’m ready for all the opportunities and challenges at Figure 1. I will be working hard with the rest of the organization to transform peer-to-peer education for the medical community. I can’t wait to showcase what Figure 1 can accomplish. It is a new beginning for both the company and me, and I could not be more energized about what lies ahead.

Alex Parnes

VP, Marketing

Figure 1